Who am I?

We have been investigating the whole topic of identity, by journeying through the book of Ephesians

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I am blessed

September 9, 2018
In the second in our series looking at identity from the book of Ephesians Chuck notices that, whilst Paul's life is far from easy, he is able to identify himself…

5 Lessons

September 2, 2018
Kicking off our new series in the book of Ephesians, Chuck draws out 5 lessons that the Apostle Paul teaches us about who we really are. Ephesians 1:1-2
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The King and his Cross

For more than a year, we have been walking through Mark’s Gospel together.

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 We continue with The King & His Cross series on Father’s Day!  We live in a world where the popular culture is increasingly more ‘self’ focused and yet, as in…
James speaks about creating a culture of encouragement. Looking at Mount of Transfiguration and how the past and paternal words encourage Jesus.
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Fresh Church

This is a two part series drawing lessons from the church in Antioch in the book of Acts.

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In the parable of the sowers we can learn about how to gain access to the amazing abundance of God.
Jesus asks us to "Listen!", when we read the parable of the sower what does that means for our lives and the way we share the gospel.
James looks at the parable of the Mustard seed but also gets the Laurencekirk site to think about playing their part in seeing the kingdom come in their locality.
We all have storms in our lives that will be created through our changing circumstances, Ali looks at Mark 4:35-41 and how we can navigate the storms.
Hannah looks at setting yourself up well for the new year by studying the example of Jesus in Mark 1:35-39. She looks at three ‘kingdom keys' which are The pursuit…
Don takes us though Mark 4:1-20 and considers how God brings about a miraculous 'crop' in our own lives and those around us.
Jesus calls the 12 disciples and they respond to Him. Libby looks at how the call is personal and risky and the response is urgent yet authentic.  

Finishing Well

December 31, 2017
Scott looks at the lives of four different people who appear in the final chapter of 2 Timothy and asks the question what does it look like for us to…

Waiting For Hope

December 24, 2017
During this candlelit carol service on Christmas Eve, Chuck draws lessons from the life of Simeon and the paintings of Rembrandt.

The Thrill of Hope

December 24, 2017
Christmas time is a time of celebration, excitement and most importantly hope. Ali talks about the real hope we can find in the Christmas Story.
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