Who am I?

We have been investigating the whole topic of identity, by journeying through the book of Ephesians

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stand firm

April 7, 2019
Julie Forbes takes us through Ephesians 6:10-20. In Paul's letter to the church, he reminds us that we are in a spiritual battle and that God gives us armour and…

Soldier for Christ

February 24, 2019
Archie continues in our series, Who Am I? "As we draw our study of Ephesians to a close, Paul ends his letter encouraging us to be clothed in the Armour…
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The King and his Cross

For more than a year, we have been walking through Mark’s Gospel together.

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Scott looks at how our expectations of Jesus, the church and our world are completely transformed by Jesus resurrection.
James Duce takes us through Mark's cliff-hanger ending, and asks the question, Who do you think Jesus is?
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Fresh Church

This is a two part series drawing lessons from the church in Antioch in the book of Acts.

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Fresh Church 2

August 12, 2018
In this second part of the series, Chuck looks again at the church in Antioch, especially the way they posture themselves in relation to the Holy Spirit.

Fresh Church 1

June 10, 2018
Chuck looks at the church in Antioch and draws out lessons for our church today. Acts 11:19-30


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As Paul continues to build up the Corinthians, he does so by appealing to them to open up their hearts to him as he has so readily done towards them.…
Libby Granges continues in our Weak But Strong series: In the thick of life what do we display when people look at our lives? Are we authentic, able to endure…
Dave looks at 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 and how God gives us everything we need to live our best life here and now.
Scott explores the idea of us being the Ambassadors sent into the world to bring the customs of the kingdom into every life we encounter. What is it exactly we…
Jonny asks, what can we learn from Paul and the Corinthian church about how to maintain deep relationships and how to do conflict well?
In this next part of Pauls letter, whilst making a defence of his own life and conduct he models 4 distinct features that he sees in the person of Christ.…
David Morrison continues in our Weak But Strong series: Through trouble and hardship we have a hope of a better future, we are being prepared for heaven.
Ali unpacks the question of, "how do we live confidently in our physical bodies?" and from this passage how we can be confident in what we know, what we receive,…
In this passage, Paul talks about us being letters to the world. Letters personally written by a saviour intended to be delivered into the hands of the world around us.…
Libby Grange continues in our series Weak But Strong: Where the spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom. If someone was to do a tour of our lives what…
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